Boulder Hill Communications Facility

FCC Antenna Structure Registration Number 1237500

The Boulder Hill facility, also known as the Wickes site is located about 7 miles north of Boulder, Montana on Bureau of Land Management lands at North 46-19-51.7 West 112-6-16.4 (NAD 27 Datum). The building sits at an elevation of 6,160 feet above sea level and has a single platform 50 foot tower. The building is a large 1,660 square feet constructed entirely out of solid 18 inch concrete walls and ceilings. Power is supplied by Northwestern Energy and has 120/240 VAC power available. The road to the site is "open" year round, however, winter months may require snow mobile or snowcat use.

 Satellite Image-2014

 USGS Topo Map

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Boulder Hill Weather Site

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