Toston Communications Facility

FCC Antenna Structure Registration Number 1237502

The Toston facility, also known as Lombard Mountain is located about 7 miles southeast of Toston, Montana on Bureau of Land Management lands located at North 46-7-0.8 West 111-22-48.5 (NAD 27 Datum). The building sits at an elevation of 4,575 feet above sea level and has a 100 foot single platform tower. The building is a large 1,500 square feet constructed of cinder block and has a solid concrete roof and support beams. Power is supplied by the Vigilante Electric Co-op and 120/240 VAC power is available. Telephone service may also be available to the site. The site overlooks state route 287 from Three Forks to Winston and south into Bozeman.

 Satellite Image-2014

 USGS Topo Map

 Toston Photo Gallery

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