University Mountain Communications Facility

FCC Antenna Structure Registration Number 1264785

The University Mountain facility is located about 3 miles east of Missoula, Montana just a mile south of Interstate 90 at North 46-51-21.6 West 113-55-17.9 (NAD 27 Datum). The site sits at an elevation of 5,366 feet MSL and has a 85 foot dual platform tower. The building is wired for 120/240 single phase power. The site overlooks a large area, including the Missoula valley and Interstate 90 from Drummond to Superior. Currently we have space within our building for tenants equipment, but additionally we have a large amount of space within the fenced tower yard for additional Cellular style shelters to be placed.

 Satellite Image-2013

USGS Topo Map 

 University Mountain Photo Gallery

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