Badger Pass Repeater and Site

The Badger Pass site is unique in that it currently does not have commercial power. As such, we have installed a Solar Power Plant consisting of 4, One Hundred and Thirty watt Kyocera solar panels, feeding a 1235 Amp Battery Bank to power the UHF repeater. Badger Pass is an excellant location, at over 7,200 feet, it looks over the Dillon valley as well as west into Bannack and Jackson. Coverage from Idaho to the Divide/Wisdom exit on I15 has been tested, along with MT highway 41 from Dillon to I90 and including I90 coverage from Whitehall to Homestake Pass east of Butte. The repeater frequency is 449.1 input and 444.1 output with 100.0hz CTCSS tone required for access. Because of a couple of areas that overlap with MacDonald Pass on the same frequency, this "non-standard tone" is used at this site only. The repeater consists of a Motorola MSF-5000 and transmits with 80 watts. Because of the high capacity Solar Plant, we operate this repeater on a DC only power supply drawing about 1.3 amps while in standby. The antenna is a Decibel Products DB-420 fed by Inch and a Quarter Heliax. The site is connected via Echolink to the other repeaters in the system.

Repeater Location: North 45-12-51.5 West 112-56-26.4 (NAD 27 Datum)

70 Centimeter Repeater Specifications

Receive Frequency (Input): 449.1000 Mhz
Transmit Frequency (Output): 444.1000 Mhz
Transmit Output Power: 80 Watts
Effective Radiated Power: Aproximately 200 watts
PL Tone Required: 100.0 Hz, Repeater Encodes Tone
Call Sign: WR7HLN (Mac Pass Repeater Group)
Antenna Gain: 9.2db
Antenna Pattern: Omni-Directional
Backup Power: 1235 Amps of L16 Batteries during all operations
Time Out Timer: 3 Minutes, Resets on Input Signal Drop

Primary Repeater

Tait Backup Repeater

Solar Panels

Solar Battery Bank

Solar Battery Charger

System at Site

Tower and Antenna Photograph

DB-408 Antenna Closeup