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The information below is for the use of amateur radio operators within Montana, New Mexico, and those visiting the area. All of the repeaters are open, however they all require either a Color Code for DMR use only. We have CTCSS access to the 2, Dual Mix DMR/Analog repeaters.

The Mac Pass Repeater Group has updated all of our Tower Site Repeaters to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Repeaters. We still have the Santa Fe and La Mosca repeaters for DMR and Analog use, know as "Dual Mix". We are using the BrandMeister Worldwide DMR Network for Digital use. The DMR system uses a large amount of information, and provides technical information for those people who are interested in Digital Mobile Radio. Please look at our DMR-Montana website, MONTANA and NEW MEXICO for everything you may need!

 Repeater Site Location Map

 MacDonald Pass Site

 Boulder Hill Site

 Toston Site

North Hills Site

 University Mountain Site

 Badger Pass Site

 Lookout Pass Site

Great Falls Site

Sandia Crest Site

 Santa Fe Site

 La Mosca Peak Site

 Capilla Peak


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