Boulder Hill Repeater and Site

The Boulder Hill repeater was the second repeater to be put on the air. It is located on the Boulder Hill ridge line about a mile west of Interstate 15 and about 7 miles north of Boulder, Montana. It also overlooks the town of Wickes on the North side of the hill. The site sits at an elevation of 6,160 feet and has a 50 foot tower. The UHF repeater consists of a Hytera RD982 Dual Mix repeater operating at 50 watts. Dual-Mix means it runs either Analog or by DMR Digital. The repeater transmits and receives into a Celwave PD-1151 Station Master antenna located at about 55 feet above ground. The repeater works in Helena, East Helena, Boulder, along State Route 69 to I90, Whitehall, and many other locations. It also provides good coverage along I15 from well north of Helena south to Butte. This repeater is permanently linked to the Mac Pass Repeater Group via an Echolink connection. In 2016, this repeater has also been added in DMR digital use. More information on the Digital DMR use can be found on our Digital Website at DMR Montana. Additionally, we operate an APRS Digi-peater ("BOLDER") at the site operating into a Decibel Products DB-222E antenna with 3.0Dbd gain.

Repeater Location: North 46-19-51.7 West 112-6-16.4 (NAD 27 Datum)

70 CM Repeater Specifications:

Receive Frequency (Input): 444.2000 Mhz

Transmit Frequency (Output): 449.2000 Mhz

Transmit Output Power: 50 Watts

Effective Radiated Power: 300 Watts

PL Tone Required: 131.8 Hz, repeater encodes and decode tone

DMR Color Code: 1

Call Sign: WR7HLN (Mac Pass Repeater Group)

Antenna Gain: 8 Db

Antenna Pattern: Omnidirectional

Backup Power: 200 Amp Battery (approximately 3 days with 2 hours transmit per day)

Time Out Timer: 3 minutes resets on input signal drop

Repeater Photograph

Tower and Antenna Photograph

Antenna Closeup



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