Toston Repeater and Site

The Toston repeater is located on Lombard Mountain about 7 miles southeast of Toston, Montana. It is at an elevation of 4,575 feet and on a 100 foot tower. The repeater antenna is a Decibel Products DB-413 8 bay semi-directional antenna located at the top of the tower and fed with inch and 5/8s heliax. The antennas pattern is oriented directly West toward Townsend and East Helena while still providing plenty of omnidirectional gain as well. Testing has showed that the repeater easily covers Bozeman, Belgrade, and much of I90 towards Butte, as well as US12 and State Route 287 from Winston to Three Forks and into Helena. The repeater is a Motorola SLR5700 installed July 19, 2020 and is connected to the Brandmeister DMR Network. The Digital system has more information to our Digital Website at Additionally we operate an APRS digi-peater ("TOSTON") at the site and feeds an Decibel Products DB-222E oriented with 6Dbd gain towards the West to Townsend and Helena.

Repeater Location: 46.116852 -111.381020

70 CM Repeater Specifications

Repeater Receive Frequency (Input): 444.3000 Mhz

Repeater Transmit Frequency (Output): 449.3000 Mhz

Transmit Output Power: 50 Watts

Effective Radiated Power: 500 Watts

DMR Color Code: 1

Static Primary Talk Group Time Slot 2: MPRG 1, Talk Group Number 31301

Static Secondary Talk Groups Time Slot 1: MPRG 2 Talk Group Number 31302, BGV TG# 31303, MPRG Cluster TG# 8


Repeater Dashboard: Toston (Lombard Mountain) UHF Repeater BrandMeister Dashboard

Montana DMR Live Map: Live BrandMeister DMR Map

Call Sign: WR7HLN (Mac Pass Repeater Group)

Antenna Gain: 13db Front, 8db sides, 5db rear

Antenna Pattern: Cardiod Semi Directional

Backup Power: 150 Amp Battery (approximately 36 hours with 3 hours transmit)

Time Out Timer: 3 minutes resets on input signal drop

Repeater Photograph

Tower and Antenna Photograph

DB-413 Antenna Closeup

Toston Propogation Map


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