University Mountain Repeaters and Site

The University Mountain repeater is located at our site about 3 miles East of Missoula, Montana along the South side of Interstate 90. The site sits at an elevation of 5,366 feet and has an 88 foot tower. The UHF repeater consists of a Hytera PD-982 operating at 50 watts. It is operating into two Celwave PD-1151 antennas at the top of the tower and fed with 7/8s heliax. These antennas sit at about 95 feet. This repeater is linked to the Echolink system to the Mac Pass Repeater Group servers. Additionally, in 2017, the repeater is now also using a Digital DMR system. More information about our Digital repeaters can be found on the DMR Montana Website. As backup, we have a 110 watt MSF 5000 at the site and ready to be put in service should the primary repeater experience a failure.These repeaters cover the Missoula valley and surrounding areas, along with providing Interstate 90 coverage from East of Drummond to West of Superior. Coverage is also provided into the Swan Valley, Hamilton, and the Flathead Valley. The UHF "Dual Mix Mode" repeater is linked into the MPRG Echolink System, and the DMR system is linked to the Brandmeister Worldwide Digital Network. Both the Analog and the Digital networks are connected via a Wireless Router through the Verizon Cellular Network. Additionally we operate an APRS Digi-peater ("UNVMTN") at this site and it is connected to a Telewave 2.5Dbd gain antenna at the top of the tower.

Repeater Location: North 46-51-21.6 West 113-55-17.9 (NAD 27 Datum)

70 CM Repeater Specifications

Receive Frequency (Input): 443.9000 Mhz

Transmit Frequency (Output): 448.9000 Mhz

Transmit Output Power: 50 Watts

Effective Radiated Power: 360 Watts

Color Code: 1

PL Tone Required: 131.8 Hz, repeater encodes tone

Call Sign: WR7HLN (Mac Pass Repeater Group)

Antenna Gain: 8.0 Db

Antenna Pattern: Omnidirectional

Backup Power: 300 Amp Battery (2 days with 2 hours transmit per day)

Time Out Timer: 3 minutes resets on input signal drop

Echolink Control Codes and Information



UHF Repeater Photograph

Tower and Antenna Photograph

UHF Transmit Antenna Closeup

UHF Receive Antenna Closeup

APRS Antenna



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