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ON THE AIR 6-20-2022!!!

The West Mesa (Nine Mile Hill) UHF repeater is located at an elevation of 5,710 feet on the South side of I-40 at 9 Mile Hill. Coverage is excellent in all of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Las Lunas and North of Bernalillo. Additionally, there is good coverage to the West of Laguna on I-40 and East on I-40 into the Canyon east of Albuquerque. The antenna is a DB Products Omni Directional Antenna with 10db gain at the top of the 150 foot tower. The repeater is a Motorola MTR3000 Digital Mobile Radio(DMR). More information about our Digital repeaters can be found on DMR Montana.

Repeater Location: 35.067614 -106.780763 (WGS84 Datum)

70 CM Repeater Specifications:

Repeater Receive Frequency (Input): 448.5500 Mhz

Repeater Transmit Frequency (Output): 443.5500 Mhz

Transmit Output Power: 100 Watts

Effective Radiated Power: 425 Watts

Color Code: 1

Static Primary Talk Group Time Slot 2: MPRG 1, Talk Group Number 31301

Static Secondary Talk Groups Time Slot 1: MPRG 2 Talk Group Number 31302, NM Statewide TG# 3135, MPRG Cluster TG# 8, MT Statewide TG# 3130 on Saturday 7-8 PM


Repeater Dashboard: West Mesa UHF Repeater BrandMeister Dashboard

Call Sign: WR7HLN (Mac Pass Repeater Group)

Antenna Gain: 10.0 Db

Antenna Pattern: Omnidirectional

Backup Power: Generator

Time Out Timer: 3 minutes resets on input signal drop

Repeater Photograph

Tower and Antenna Photograph

West Mesa Propagation Map


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